Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Day 27: Redneckville, TN

Stopped at a hotel for highspeed internet and some sleep before we head to the Great Smokeys tomorrow for some hiking and perhaps an art/music binge...where we lock ourselves in a mountain cabin for days with paints, canvases, my guitar and plenty of alchohol...and see what happens. Not sure what town we're in.

We just walked into a convenience store to buy some beer. A guy stares Holly up and down...and just stares. Holly laughs at him.

Holly says, "It's funny how you think you're in one part of the world (ie. a place where you vibe with people, diversity is celebrated, guys are cool with girls with shaved heads, etc.) and then you realize that you're not."

Ha. I'm suprised, but then again not really.

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