Friday, November 11, 2005

Self-fulfilling Prophet

I just remembered this old blog post that I put up this past January as a sort of prediction/hope of what 2005 could look like.

Nearing the end of this year, I feel like we really did most of what we sought to do. Perhaps putting it down on paper helped in that way. Who knows?

The only thing on the list that we didn't do as well as we would like to have was the development of our business(es).

And Will just asked me today, "Ryan, what do you think the future holds as far as career or whatnot?" And I didn't know quite how to respond. I mean, I have some ideas (and at the same time, I refuse to say too quickly what my life will be about). I've some thoughts a formin' and this week's conversations have helped in that sense.

Perhaps I'll soon post some more potential self-fulfilling prophecies about myself.

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