Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Days 32-34: Lexington, KY

What a wonderful last couple days. Been staying with Will and Lisa and Ty and Gwynn and Jake Samson the last couple days/nights. What a wonderful time.

Had lunch with Lisa yesterday who commented that too many prophetic people attempt to spank folks into a new way of life (as opposed to inspiring them to a new way). She said, "Look at Dr. King. What did he say? 'I have a dream.'"

That got me thinking about how difficult it is (but how appropriate it is) to help people envision a new way of life. It is my tendency to just 'spank' folks into a new way of life. Lisa says, "Who really changes their behavior that way?" True stuff. Hmm.

Loads of great time with Will. Good conversations on his hope for the Mainline Churches. I told him I have about zero hope for the organized, institutional church. He helped me see some things that are good about the church.

Ty made us some yummy yellow cake with Chocolate frosting. Mmm. She's a bright one.

Jake showed me his lego-thing that he constructed, and I got to help Gwynn with some EspaƱol. Dig. All those years of Spanish finally paying off in helping tutor a 8-year old.

It's been beautiful here in Lexington. Suprising culture they have here. And! We found a 2 bedroom house with all new fixtures/appliances for $90,000. That's $2000 down and $650/month. Unbelievable. That's 1/7th the price of the average house in San Diego county. Wow.


Lora said...

I may have to spank you if you settle in Kentucky. "I have a dream all my friends live in my neighborhood." Then someone says "perhaps your neighborhood should be in Kentucky?" Aaack.

Mike Stavlund said...

hey, Ryan--
say 'hi' to the Samson's for me. I really miss them.

(dang, I'd better think of some thought-provoking/inspiring/hopeful stuff to say to you when you get here)

sorry to clog up your comments, but I'm having trouble emailing you this morning... is there another way to get ahold of you? or can you email me from another address?

Sivin Kit said...

as one who's part of a Malaysian mainline denomiation, I'd be interested to hear what Will has to say :-) send my love to him!