Monday, November 28, 2005

Day 52: Camden, NJ

Crossed the Delaware into Camden, New Jersey yesterday via the Ben Franklin bridge. Spending a few days with our friends Chris and Cassie Haw at the Camden House, a sort of Catholic Worker Hospitality House in old downtown Camden.

Sunday morning, we attended mass with our friends at Sacred Heart Catholic Church. It was refreshing to be a part of a mass service, having been raised Protestant. I've been to mass but a few times and am genereally taken aback at how different the 'services' are from their evangelical counterparts. Like I said...Refreshing.

Spent some time with Chris and Cassie on a sort of 'Reality Tour' of the city. Camden is one of the most polluted, toxic ecosystems in North America it turns out. It's actually an interesting story of industry and it's environmental, social, and economics effects on a particular area.

We're doing a house show tomorrow (Tuesday) evening if you're in the area here at the Camden House. 7pm methinks.

Then we head to Fredricksburg, VA for a show at The Loft on Thursday.

Then a show Saturday in NYC. If you are taking the subway, it's the A to 190th Street.

So, if you read this and are even remotely in the area, please swing by.


Eric Wakeling said...

I just ordered coffee from Counter Culture. I hope it's tasty. I ordered the Guatemala Antigua. Thanks for your posts. I appreciate them very much. I love the pictures so much. I love the redemption I see in the images.

daniel greeson said...

funny how two people separated by time and distance can be having the same journey in following Christ.
enjoy the music, I was hinted in ur direction by Will Samson, a great guy..
coming to Nashville or Kentucky again soon??