Sunday, February 05, 2006

Hello San Diego!

It's been nice to be back in San Diego. Got in Friday night. Had dinner with my sister. Spent some good time with our 'hosts'... Brooke and Jason Evans. Last night did a house show at their place. What a great time. Incredible conversations. And plenty of New Castle and hefeweizen. Mmm.

Some pics of the Matts who went before me...

And of us...

Nights like this remind me that it is good that we are doing what we are doing. That it fits. That it's potentially helpful. That helps me sleep at night.


c.j.e. said...

is holly playing some type of flute-like instrument, or is that some hooka-like contraption?

though i am happy in the stabliity of my life right now (yes, there's mystery in the humdrum!), i do envy your root-less escapade. or rather, your escapade to plant roots in many different places.

rock on, rock well. get your root down.


Andrew Greenhalgh said...

You know I love me some,, uh, it's, um, yeah! Melodica playing! Hope y'all are doing well and have a great trip!

Ryan Lee Sharp said...

It's a plastic bong, Chris!

(Just in the government is tapping my internet line, I am only joking...)