Friday, February 03, 2006

Heading South

We left Santa Cruz (and the whole of the Bay Area) on Monday and headed south down Highway 1. Saw the elephant seals...they had just had pups.

We stopped in Cambria for a night (thanks to Travelzoo) and found ourselves a couple wineries. The next day we met our friends Brad and Birgitte Clark in San Luis Obisbo for lunch...then headed up to Hearst Castle (which was closed).

Spent the last couple nights in Lompoc (where the Clarks reside). It's been a restful, conversive time. Good stuff.

Today we're heading south to San Diego, where we'll be for the next week or so. It's good to be back on the road...really good.

And I'm excited about this trip. It will have a very different personality from our Fall Pilgrimage just because we're playing more bars and coffee houses and going to places where we know less people...but places we are drawn to all the same (Pacific NW).

Exciting times lie so many ways.


Jon said...

Just because I don't often comment, don't think that I'm not reading. I tremendously enjoy following your cross-country trekking, discovering, and sharing.

Be blessed!

Ryan Lee Sharp said...

Thanks Jon. It's always great to hear from you........