Monday, February 13, 2006

Lost in Augora Hills, CA

This afternoon, Holly and I drove up from South Orange County to Ventura County. We are staying with some friends near Thousand Oaks.

They live near these beautiful hills. So, after catching up with them for an hour or so this afternoon, I say, "Let's go hike those hills." We did.

We began our trek at least an hour before sunset...with plenty of time to get up and down and back home...but we got lost. And we found ourselves traversing through bushes taller than me in the dark and near-dark.

Dark outside I tell ya. Dark. And noises. And oh the scurrying that we heard.

But we made it home. Ahh.

So strange that civilization was always in sight, but we just couldn't find our way back to it. That's got to be a metaphor for something right?

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Danae said...

hey! i lived in simi valley up there for awhile... pretty dry place, eh? :) i was always too scared of rattlesnakes to go hiking in those hills...