Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Track 7: Pull Me Through



I want to save the world. I want to rescue everyone (including myself) from self-destructive patterns, to help them to see a better way. I want to be everything to everyone.

But I've realized that I can only do so much... and that's hard to come to grips with.

Parker Palmer, in his book Let Your Life Speak, writes about becoming aware of (and familiar with) our shadows, our weaknesses, our liabilities. He says that when you build a bridge, you consider the strengths and weaknesses of the elements that you will build with. Wood has certain properties that make it wood, but there are weak, shadow sides to the wood as well. It simply cannot be steel.

People are not raw natural resources to be extracted and then made into whatever someone wants them to be. We all come with some preset (or at least pre-disposed) strengths and weaknesses. Not all of us can be astronauts or the President of the US or a business-owner.

But isn't that freeing to hear? Aren't those saving words? That we can be who we were created to be and not who society tells us or expects us to be? I think so.

Still, this song is about personally coming to terms with that before we left Oceanside.


Closed eyes
Bruised heart
I would know you anywhere

Too many times
Been torn apart
I know what's behind that stare

But I can't pull you through
I'm not the one to

These latter days
Been flyin' low
Not knowing what's to come 'round here

If salvation rings
And mercy sings
Then why all of this played-out fear?

It's just brings me down
I can't come around

Holly sighs
Says it's a long-time comin'
Perhaps I shoulda listened back then

Maybe we're the same
Or maybe I'm to blame
But something's gotta give or bend

And you can't pull me through
Even if you wanted to

You can't pull me through
I know you wanted to

Won't somebody pull me through?


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aPoReTiC said...

hey ryan...

just dropping by to say hi...

tho' i've been silent these days, i still remember you and holly fondly :)

will keep tabs on your odyssey...

love to you and holly...