Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Reflect on this
Blinker on
Vicky's screaming in my ear
Hard Left Turn
I tried
I'm tired

Breath in for a full 5 seconds
Seems like forever
Forever since I breathed in deep
Chaos following me on this road of
Fall leaves
The death for life exchange

Rich, crisp air
I have little time to breathe you in
I'm sure you understand

40 psi
Tires are looking low still
Cold air burdens them
Along with earthly belongings
Packed like sardines
Too many CDs left after a month of driving
I wanted to lighten the load faster

So I drive faster
Get there sooner
Exit #4
Some bad coffee and a donut
Friends don't let friends drink Starbucks
On a bumper sticker

Affirm me
Tell me this is the good life
Buy me some validation

A break
Clouds part
Rain ceases
Hope that it begins elsewhere
Calls made
Strings plucked
Images scatter

The quiet
The screams
The tense muscles
The care being giv'n

And Vicky says
When possible, make a legal U-turn

Should I've?

1 comment:

Emma said...

i think sometimes it is a left turn we need... not a u-turn.

okay that was totally cheesy... but really.