Tuesday, March 04, 2008


We made it home at varying times yesterday. Holly and Pax took a flight out of SeaTac around 8.40, putting them in just after 11.30 yesterday morning. After Jared and I dropped them at the airport, we embarked (as was shared on the blog) on the long drive from Seattle to San Francisco. It actually was fun for me, though Jared nearly lost it a time or two.

It was a beautiful time in the northwest. We always tend to under-budget time for hanging with friends. We could have made it twice the trip, but alas, we simply did not have time. We have a rehearsal tonight and then head out east for the Christian Peace Witness and the Everything Must Change Conference. We'll also be spending a good deal of time with friends.

The next couple days will be fast and furious as we try to catch up on some SharpSeven work. I just received some really nice emails from folks about the Jesus for President design. It feels nice to have it out and in people's hands. And encouragement is always nice! Just today the book's editor told me it's #22 on Amazon in Politics (just above another favorite book of mine) and #28 in all Christian books (just above another book I've wanted to read).

Wow. Swell.

Have a good one.

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