Saturday, March 01, 2008


What a lovely evening. We braved Seattle traffic (ouch! 1 hour + for 14 miles) and dropped Pax off with some friends (where we'd come back to stay for the next 2 nights). We then drove back across the City to get to Mars Hill Graduate School, down near the water.

It was a beautiful of our better performances in a while. And, as Bryan Maz pointed out, it was fun to hear/see/feel/play our music in a larger-ish venue. I love house shows, but it's fun to bust out of that from time to time...perhaps in the future, even more? We'll see.

Aurora, et al came out for the evening, John, Adam, and several other good folks joined. Some of us wandered 1st and 2nd streets, looking for a place to whet our whistle after the show. After several blocks, we settled into a swell little Italian Bistro. Had some Tuscan Sangeovese and a local beer called Manny's.

Today, we're going into town after Pax's nap, meet some friends, drink some coffee and then head over to set up for our show tonight @ the Purple Door with Scandrettes and Adam.

Should be a fun night.

Oh, and what seems like the first time in weeks, Pax slept in 'til 7am. Wow.


Mazz said...

loved the show last night. it was great to see you here in our new city. awesome big sound last night and inspiring visual projections. loved jared on the bass too. said...

did you happen to meet my friend shauna? she had mentioned that she heard you guys were coming to play and she was planning on attending.... i know, probably you meet so many people.... :)

hope all is well, friends...