Monday, March 10, 2008


Got in today. Geez, what time is it anyway?

Well it was a whirlwind of a weekend. We took off from SFO around 10pm PST and landed around 6am EST in Washington Dulles. Mike graciously picked us up from the airport, shuttled us around to Anita's New Mexican Restaurant to get fine breakfast burritos...then to Murky Coffee for a wonderful cappuccino. Mmm.

This is Friday that I'm referencing of course, a day that seems like weeks ago. We arrived to NY Ave Pres to set up for the Christian Peace Witness Service. It was wonderful to share the stage with such great people. We began to run over in time, and Brian McLaren trimmed his talk considerably. He's a very gracious person to work with.

Pretty much as soon as the service was over, we had to bail and drive 40 minutes south to N. Virginia to set up and rehearse for the EVERYTHING MUST CHANGE tour that The Cobalt Season was participating in. It was great to see friends who came out to this event and get to meet some new folks. That night, after our 40-hour stint, we headed back to DC to stay at the Leuckes (who were out of town). Up the next morning to get back to VA by 8am...stopping at the same breakfast burrito place on the way.

As soon as the conference was over, we bolted back to DC (this is now Saturday, mind you) for the Peace & Justice Coffee Shop. It was again fun to share the stage with some other great folks...David LaMotte and NativeDeen. Cool artists trying to make a difference out there.

We wrapped up and then headed back to the Leucke house to catch up on some rest.

Sunday morning came early (remember, it was Daylight Savings) and we headed back down to VA to participate in the Common Table's liturgy. It was a cool, provocative morning. We wrapped that up, grabbed lunch with some friends and then headed back to DC for a nap. Ahh.......

Woke up from that to do a podcast with Mike and then take off to find dinner with Jared...and then went back to sleep.

Up this morning at 5.15am EST (2.15am PST!) to hop on a plane (that we nearly missed because we were grabbing Dunkin' Donuts...geez) and head home.

It's been a long weekend, but one that I'm really glad we got to be a part of. So great to meet so many new folks that resonated with our music and message.

Now looking forward to our local shows this month across SF. And looking forward to wrapping up the new album.

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Mike Croghan said...

Hey guys,

It was really good to see you again this weekend and to have a chance to hang out in a variety of ecclesial settings (plus one vegetarian restaurant and a borrowed Benz). :-)

I have to admit, somewhat sheepishly, that this was the weekend I came to *love* Cobalt Season music. I don't really have an excuse for having only liked your music before - I mean, I've listened to it digitally a bunch, and I've seen y'all perform live a couple of times. No accounting for taste, I guess. :-) But now I've got your tunes and your words in my head (in a good way) and I'm hungry for more. Can't wait for the new disc!

(And yes, I *do* know the difference between TCS music and Tracy Howe music. In case you were wondering. As long as the new disc has "Atheist" on it, I'm happy.) ;-)