Monday, March 17, 2008

No More Wisdom (Teeth)

Say goodbye to these...


Scott Childress said...


ur pulling your teeth???

we will be praying for you, bro...phoebe (my 6 yr. old)had her tonsils removed early this year - so feel free to call her and ask how it went.

by the way, i'm having trouble reading 'jesus for president'...did you have to make it so damned pretty??? everytime i start reading im distracted by the art!

y'all rock. love ya

Mike Stavlund said...

I think that pulling all of your teeth would be your most prophetic act yet. This seems like a great opportunity to me.

Having your tonsils removed, on the other hand, is very conventional and corporate and mainstream and modern. Do you think Moses, Elijah, and Jesus had their tonsils taken out? Huh??

maria said...

You could always up the ante, and get your appendix removed -- more invasive = more prophetic? What do we think?? I'm fairly certain that even the big guns Mike mentioned didn't go that far.