Monday, March 24, 2008

A Year of Firsts

This is a year of firsts...and I think it will continue to be so.

I just started an IRA for both Holly and I. Soon we'll also set up an education fund for Paxton. These are things I first railed against, then grew ambivalent toward, and now am participating in.

But don't take me for some sell-out schmo. That is, I did my homework.

Best thing I found out there is PAXWORLD. And today, I set up accounts for Holly and I. They were/are the most responsible investment company I could find.

It does still grind against me somewhat...philosophically anyway. Doesn't sound much like lilies and sparrows and all. But I'm not sure what to do about that.


Chris Seitz said...

I'm with you. What's the difference between wisdom and storing up treasure? I'm not always 100% on that, especially when it comes to your kids. Maybe God would tell you if he didn't like it...? said...

funny thing is... people always take me as someone who doesn't make any preparations in that regard... it might surprise you that i have had an IRA since I was 18 and used to invest religiously in it..... but, yep there are some lines about storing up and wisdom.... maybe you should talk with my capitalist friend, kyle that you guys met... hehehe... :P