Friday, March 18, 2005

Day 1a

A 14-hour flight into Hong Kong turned into a 14-hour flight into Taipei so that we wouldn't run out of gas. That's a good thing. Then about an hour on the ground and another hour and a half to Hong Kong. We arrived safe and sound, just in time to see my brother (another story for another day) and hop onto our flight to Bangkok.

I am surprised at how awake we are. There were children crying on the flight, but thanks to some sleeping pills, some ear plugs and some big ole headphones, we were able to catch some sleep here and there. Not so bad.

Also got to watch a couple movies (or at least parts of them since my attention span was limited and I was in and out of sleep). Saw "Murder By Numbers". Stupid. So predictable. Shoulda known. Then watched some of "Closer". Disturbing. I didn't catch the ending. Saw part of "The Incredibles" which was fun, but my favorite was "Kinsey" which I only caught the first hour or so of. Great film about sexuality and the questions everyone has but is afraid to ask. People tend to feel so alone on topics that they cannot talk about. I cannot tell you how many couples that we have heard say, "You mean, we aren't the only ones going through this?" No, you are not the only ones.

Landing in Taipei and Hong Kong reminded Holly and I that most big cities in the world look the same from an airplane. Perhaps we are not that different after all?

At any rate, we made it. Not sure if our bags did, but we will find out once we are in Bangkok. More on that later. Lah-gorn.

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Darin said...

good times...ichat?