Saturday, March 26, 2005

Day 7

Wow. We had no idea what was going on out here on Ko Phi Phi Don (the larger of the two or so islands), but when we arrived, we found out.

We took Peter with us to snorkel. That was an experience. I don't think he had ever swam before! But he was a good sport, trying it out. It was a beautiful time snorkeling near "The Beach" in the same bay. But sad, too. So many boats and so much pollution in the water and in the air. But hey, I was playing tourist that morning, so I can't complain...

On the way there, Holly and I met some Swedish fellas who we shared some common music likes with. Cool people. I got to talk with Marcus (left) for most of the trip there (about 2 hours). We talked about American politics and how in the world George Bush could call himself a follower of a man that 2000 years ago said, "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God". It was an great conversation. It was good for me to articulate the story of God as I see it and experience it with him. He was turned off to religion (as most young people in Sweden are, he said). I don't blame him. So many wars, so much hate, so much competition. It's ridiculous. Good talk. He gave me a CD of some of his music (he plays guitar in an acoustic pop band... good stuff, too...) and I'll post his website sometime soon...

Finally got on the island and wow... I have a whole slew of photos from this part of the trip that we can share with you if you would like. Really tragic stuff. But a great deal of hope there... there are so many volunteers helping rebuild.

We planned to come over for the day, but we found out that they needed volunteers, so we extended our stay. Very organized for day or week volunteers. You just come over and help out. Dee-mah. Very good.

We asked Peter if he wouldn't mind going back without us so that we could stay. He was cool so we stayed. He helped us for the few hours he was there. We cleared out an old Kodak shop where a family lived upstairs. In retrospect, we should have taken before and after pics, but we didn't have time. We hit the ground running. So sad how much of these people's lives were just destroyed. Wow.

Here's Holly working hard...

After work (just a few hours really), we headed to the beach and grabbed a beer and some food, like this Thai pancake. Mmm. Think thick crepe with bananas and peanut butter... mmm.

At 7pm, there was a meeting about the volunteer work for tomorrow. We decided to lay brick. Never done it, but what the heck...

This is a cool place. Many international travelers that are just here to help. Mostly Europeans and Canadians, some Americans, too. Thinking about coming back here on our summer trip out here.

Went to our hotel after some bbq chicken and rice. Need to sleep to be prepped for work tomorrow.

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