Sunday, March 20, 2005

Day 3: Church

Got up this morning and went to a nearby beach to see the water and get some pineapple for breakfast. Mmm. The fruit out here is wonderful.

10am church service. 3 hours or so. Wow. Good stuff. It is amazing to hear this part of the world preaching the notion of "we are blessed to be a blessing". Somehow I think the American church misses that point mostly.

After the morning service, we share lunch together. Lots of good traditional Thai food on this trip, and the southern Thai food is spicier than the northern Thai food. Mmm.

They truck in what seemed like 2 dozen kids from the gypsy village for church, so they pile 'em back into the truck and head back to their village after lunch. We, on the other hand, head off to another church service.

On the way there, we drove with Peter and Chris. More about them later. Amazing people to meet. Wow.

After a slightly shorter service, we sat around and ate traditional Thai desert. Mmm. This is Chris here. He is an Aussie living in China. Amazing person.

After leaving the church (which was just north of Phuket province), we headed to the gypsy village to give the baby food to the caretakers. So many people taking photos of this moment. It felt kinda cheesy, like some World Vision photo shoot or something. You be the judge...

They were so grateful and took the food and fed the baby. The baby has a cold or a fever or something. Please pray for the baby's health.

After leaving the village, we journeyed to Joel and Elise's home for a short breather. Then back to the church in Thalang (which by the way is Hope of Thalang Church) for dinner and another church service.

Oh, we stopped for Cokes on the way. (I know... I just broke my Lent commitment!)

Holly with some friends from the church...

Holly helping make dinner...

Me helping with some guitar... very fun...

Went home to blog for you... thank you for keeping us in your prayers... great connections are being made. We are being able to both serve and explore future potential. Wow. Good Night.


Danae said...

mmm... good stuff. just prayed that as you and holly pour out yourselves over and over that you would continue to be filled up with the never-ending love of Christ, and that when you feel you have nothing left to give, that God would fill you to the point of overflowing with his love, peace, joy and hope that you can share with others. and i pray that you both would continue to be sensitive to the spirit's leading to go where he wants you to go, and help those he puts in your path. love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Holly & Ryan ... We have been thinking about you and praying for you and sharing your photos and journaling with everyone. We love you! Mom & Dad