Thursday, March 10, 2005


Does it seem strange to anyone else that we are urging, no, forcing other nations to get rid of all nuclear intentions, when in the good ole US of A, there are still three or more dozen working nuclear missles?

Or does it seem a little odd that our President is forcibly setting up democracies? Which is kind of a totalitarian way of doing things. Didn't he say that we are in a war agains all totalitarianism?

Or how about how ambitious the government is about halting North Korea's nuclear developments when Kim Jong Il says the only reason they are looking into it is to protect itself against a possible invasion from America?

Seriously folks. Seriously.

Or what about how privitizing social security really isn't doing much for social security since the money still isn't there. The money borrowed against social security, for reasons such as financing the war in Iraq, is not there anymore... not even if you privatize it.

There is so much injustice served by the United States policies and programs. I am not saying this to say I hate America; I am saying this because as an American, I am hoping for change. That is one of the reasons I was so sad about the elections. I was not nearly as on-board for Kerry as I could not stand another term with this fool. Sad.

All I am saying is that we are not the "good guys" and the terrorists or the arabs the "bad guys". It's far more complicated that. Just thought you should know... if you didn't already.

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