Sunday, March 06, 2005

Our (thorough) Creed

Holly and I developped a creed this week that we want to live our lives by. Don't think creed in the dogma-doctrine sense, but more in the lifestyle sense...

Believing that we are a part of the constantly redeeming, restoring, and re-imagining work of the Creator, exemplified in Jesus, we desire for our lives to be marked by:
• love for Creator and creation,
• a healthy, sustainable rhythm of life,
• and the nurturing of our marriage, creativity, relationships, and convictions.

Believing that we are blessed in order to be blessing to the world, we desire to work for the good of all creation, by:
• being peacemakers,
• finding goodness in all things and situations,
• caring for our world and our planet,
• reaching out especially to those who have been oppressed or neglected,
• being generous with our resources, financially and time-wise,
• inspire others to be generous with what the Creator has blessed them with.

Believing that our relationships are what make us alive and fully human, we desire to:
• live a devoted life to the Creator,
• nurture a selfless relationship and commitment to each other as life partners and best friends,
• value, respect, love, inspire, and help our family and friends.

Believing that all earthly things are transient and passing, we desire to:
• never grasp too tightly to any job or identity or possession,
• be risky and adventurous,
• be content in all things.

Believing that we will never 'arrive' or become fully 'complete' in this lifetime, we desire to:
• be perpetual students of the world,
• always be willing to re-learn with it means to live in rhythm with God,
• always be looking forward, while valuing our past,
• extend grace to others as they are making their way as well.

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ashdown said...

this is beautiful. so beautiful and inspiring.