Saturday, March 26, 2005

Day 9

Well, here we are, in the airport, awaiting our little plane to take us to big ole Bangkok. In some ways, it will be nice to be back home in our own bed, but it is hard to believe this trip is over. We are really ready to be back this summer.

So, that much is pretty much solidified: We are coming out this summer for a tentative 4-6 weeks (4 weeks in Phuket, 2 in Phi Phi). Holly has to make some arrangements with work and we need to get some people to help manage our affairs at home (like we just went into the negative because we couldn't transfer monies properly), but other than details, we are set.

Want to come out to help us? We figure it will cost about $1000/person to come out for a week with airfare, food, and lodging. We are planning on renting a house for our month out here, so you would stay with us. You won't need a car because we will be renting one for a month. All you need is that $1000 or so and an attitude of service. Interested? Please let us know. We are asking people to consider coming out for a week or so...

This morning we had a final meeting with Pastor Sujit and his wife. They prayed for us; we prayed for them. Good stuff. Then we packed... oh the arduous task! Next time we will travel lighter. We used less than half the clothes we packed. After meeting with them, we treated ourselves to reflexology massages... I know what you are thinking (if you have been following the blog): Two massages each on a relief trip? What's with that? You're probably right, but they cost less than $20 for the both of us to get a one-hour reflexology massage!!! And our traditional Thai massage we got our first day in Bangkok was even less!!! Wow. Perhaps I am more of a tourist that I'd like to think...

Anyway, we got the massages and then grabbed a quick lunch of chicken, rice, and chili sauce... mmm. And now we await our flight to Bangkok.

Thanks for all your prayers and thanks to those of you who have decided to help get us here and who have helped sponsor some of the projects we have been a part off out here. We will continue to make information available as more projects come up.

Our hope is to set up a blog that is dedicated to our ventures in SE Asia (just what Ryan needs: another blog...) so that you can keep updated and even make donations right there. You will also be able to track stories and whatnot.

Okay, we are about to board. Hope you are well. Looking forward to sharing our stories with you soon. Sawahdeekrap laa lahgohnkrap.

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