Monday, January 30, 2006

Track 5: Twenty-Eight



This song was originally called Now I'm Twenty Eight. I wrote it thinking about where I am at these days, where I thought I'd be, and perhaps where others though I would be.

It's tricky trying to catch up with a man like Jesus... or Gandhi or Sidartha for that matter. But my eyes are fixed on trying to emulate this man who changed the world through love. But I find myself out of breath often.

My buddy Mike wondered if this song was about being 'born into the church'. I don't know whether it's about literal family, spiritual family, or metaphorical family. I've always felt a bit misunderstood, so perhaps it's all three.


27 years have passed me by
And I was just sittin' here
Tryin' to find myself

The best I can remember I'm the one
The smoking gun
Always the problem child

See I was born into family that was blind
Blind to the future
Blind to my searchin' heart

Reckon they don't mean me any harm
Just doin' what they're doin'
And I'm doin' fine now

Cause I found my voice
Saw I had a choice
And mine was not to follow
But what am I to do?
Am I just passin' through?

Well 27 years could not reconcile
Me to my searchin'
Never findin' what I'm lookin' for

Runnin' out of breath to understand
Catchin' up with a man
Who died all those years ago

And I'm not so strong
Hope you won't wait too long
Cause I'm so damn tired of waiting
But what am I to do?
Who am I to you?

27 years and I'm still here
Same scared kid
Lookin' for his freedom

But freedom's seldom what we think it is
Empty rhetoric
Freedom's often greed dressed-up

So I'll just move on
Find somewhere to belong
And wonder where you're comin' and you're goin'
And hope to see you then
My friend


1 comment:

Lora said...


"freedom's often greed dressed-up"
freedom is on the march!
bringing halliburton, BP and
wal-mart with it.