Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Get Your Tickets (and some mp3s, yo!)

If you buy your tickets in advance for the Album Release Party (April 18th), you can download all the new songs digitally...right now!

Yes, yes, you'll still be receiving the handsome CD/DVD set the night of the party. But you can satisfy your urge for hearing the new tunes now. How's that for instant gratification?

Just go here, get your tickets and I'll send you a link to start your download! Enjoy. And then come to the party, singing along!

(And don't worry, all you folks who already bought tickets will be receiving an email from me shortly!)


Unknown said...

Ha! wish i could be there... bless you guys... looking forward to getting to know you guys better.... ya gotta hook up with some of us Artisans in Austin....
when we finally land.... know the door is always open ....
blessings and shalom!!!

Chris Seitz said...

Man, I would love to make it out. Unfortunately it's about 10,500 miles (or about 17,000 kilometers metric style) from SA to California. I'll just have to wait for the itunes release. I hope it's a magical night for you all. Have lot's of fun!