Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Hiatus From an Existential Crisis

So, in light of Ben's comments (Are you a Ben I know?), I think I will cease my melodramatics for a day or so and try to ponder what I am doing in my life now that is good and healthy and healing.

You see, it's not that I dislike where I live (I love it), nor do I dislike the jobs my wife and I have (we are very fortunate to have jobs that work off our skill sets). That isn't the point.

The point is how long I can continue on this road I am currently on... and whether this would be the best use of the life I have been getting. [Ryan, you are getting melodramatic again... calm down.]

We are currently looking into several opportunities to serve abroad, whether they be in Thailand beyond this first trip, or perhaps Tibet, or perhaps elsewhere.

On the topic of changing places for changing's sake, I disagree with you. While I can see much benefit in staying put and fighting your demons, I think it is realistic to say that a new place can help you get a new start. Given, several people move only to find themselves in the same patterns they were in before. If we move, it will most likely not just be moving to a new city to do the same thing, but moving to a new place to live a different rhythm.

A couple things that have stirred my interest as of late, if you are interested...
New Monasticism
ServLife International
Global Crossroad

And I just spoke with Chris last night from the simple way who had some good insight on how good art must always point to justice. Their community, as he says, offers a good alternative to the American Dream.

Well, that is me saying that I am going to mellow out and explore what good I can bring to this area... what ways I can be used here, how I can make best use of my life now...

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Shadow said...

well, for what it's worth it's not the extremely handsome, smart, and funny Ben that you gig with evey now and then. Anyway, I agree with you in regards to moving. One thing that psychology has taught us is that we are heavily influenced by the situations we find ourselves in. In fact, much of what we think about ourselves is perceived by the events and people around us. So, to change your location is in a sense changing the way you look at yourself. Of course, there is a consistency to who you are, and that is carried with you, but you can also be introduced to another side of you, a side that perhaps you have been longing to discover all along. I don't know if that sparks any thoughts in your mind, but think about it.