Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Personal Mission Statement Generator

My friend Ben turned me on to this as a joke, but I actually kind of needed it. I had to do two statements... just 'cause.

My Kickstart Mission Statement:

I will be generous and encourage generosity in others.
I will love Holly and place her needs before my own.
I will try to be like my friend Jesse who reads good books and thinks about things and is content in life.
I will try to be a more caring, nurturing person.
I will fight establisment-ism where it is oppressive.
I will love God wholistically as I grow in understanding how to.
I will help to be a part of liberating those who are oppressed.
I will always strive to be adventurous.
I will always try to care for my loved ones and those in need.
I will seek to struggle through confusing situations, seeking to find a light at the end of the tunnel.
I will work for the good of all.
I will seek to love God wholistically.
I will seek to love and care for all of creation, including people, creatures, and the environment.
I will always strive to be forward-thinking while holding onto the great historical past we have.

(Note: Creatures does not include cats, spiders, or mosquitos.)

Your Journey Mission Statement (this one might make less sense because it has more 'thought-flow'):

Be a travelling singer-songwriter with something to say.
Travel the world, bringing healing and hope to people in need.
Write a book.

Inspiring moments: I was moving out to Oceanside, I was a part of the first Emergent Gathering. Scott Crosley, Holly, the Cote's, the Pagitt's, Mark Scandrette, Michael Toy. I felt not-alone and ready to change the world.

My heroic epic I am in: I am the 'normal guy' who comes to grips with his humanity and divinity and becomes a voice for those who are anti-established-religion. I bring peace and an understanding for a multiplicity of worldview/opinion in the world. It is for the good of the world, especially those who have been colonized or otherwise oppressed by the West. I am doing it because I believe that I am called to bring healing to the world. It results in people loving each other, moving, breathing in love... for man and God (however they see him/her/it).

Holly sees these as my top 3 strengths:

Application of each:
At work:
Creativity: Make good art. Don't skimp.
Leadership: Really offer suggestion on what to do with clients. Take business level up a notch if I am to keep doing it.
Dreamer/Visionary/Inspirer: Work with artists to inspire them to do good art. Dream what my future vocation could look like.

At home:
Creativity: A nice living environment, flexibility in problem-solving, imagination of what our lives could be.
Leadership: Make decisions, help my wife to search out things on her own and follow through.
Dreamer/Visionary/Inspirer: Inspire Holly.

With friends:
Creativity: Help people creativly problem-solve.
Leadership: Organize things for people to do together.
Dreamer/Visionary/Inspirer: Inspire people to live the lives they would dream of living. Help people see that it is possible.

Regrets: I would have used time in college to go abroad more, to have gotten involved in opportunities to bring goodness. I would have secured finances early on, avoided debt and bought a house early. (Can you believe I said, "buy a house?")

Accomplisments: Owning my own business, having travelled as an artist, my marriage, my lived-out convictions, my moving to California.

If I had $1M to give to charity, what would I give it to and why?
Half to aid suffering in the world (Sudan, Indonesia, etc.). Half to set up education system in the States for people to understand the multiplicity of realities.

Things I can do in life to bring goodness/positivity into my life:
Social: Get involved in a larger friend network.
Mental: Read more books. Read better books.
Physical: Hike more often. Run some mornings.
Spiritual: Visit the monastery again with Holly

So, it's kinda cheese I know, but it was cathartic. So... what is your personal mission statement?

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