Sunday, February 13, 2005

Rwanda Take 2.

I was just thinking about the movie again. You know, one of the characters is talking to a reporter about the history of the whole thing, and he says that the Belgians just picked the Tutsies... for no reason he knew of... just picked them. And they used that privilege to oppress. And I think of the way that resonates within the Christian Church. Blessed to be a blessing, but the church has hoarded... I have hoarded. I have used my religion to oppress, perhaps not directly, perhaps so. God have mercy on us as we work at becoming better humans. I need some sleep. What to do next with my life can wait at least until tomorrow, right?

Just one idea though before bed. Anyone care to join?

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joel said...

nice site, not much to say, just that and thanks for sharing. I have yet to see the movie but I read Gourevich's book. Yeah, often I need to reevaluate my place and obligation here....