Friday, January 13, 2006

Mark's Story of the Sharps

Señor Scandrette recounts our week with them here. As we left their place this morning to head to what has become our local coffee house, we saw that the Scandrette's rear car window has been smashed to bits and their stereo was gone. That's no good.

But aside from that incident, it was a good week in the enchanted town of San Francisco.


Unknown said...

Great Blog and Great Dream, RYAN! Keep pressin' on and you'll find that "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". I jumped the "American Pipe-Dream" in June of 1999 and ain't lookin' back.
Left my Retirement (I believe in the Old Rugged Cross and not Blue-Croo & Blue Shield), left my bank accounts with my kids born in the Panama Canal Zone and now living in Houston and San Antonio (they think I'm crazy) and now writing Blog Pages for my Indigenous and Black Caribbean Costarican friends, brothers and sisters, happier than ever by simply loving others as onesself. Never have lacked a meal with that SPIRIT! I know you will find your home soon. Should you travel to Costa Rica or Panama, look us up in Puerto Limon at or use our Weather Page at
Robin Hood was a great example of what I', talkin' about. Best Regards Always,

Emma said...

considering that all day every day I'm spending time with my friends, Nepal's very own Maoists, (only in lit at the moment...but my day will come) I laughed at your local coffee shop's logo.