Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Oh San Francisco

Holly and I are in San Francisco this week. Walked the town last night with some friends. Went to MacWorld today.

I had thought January would be a sort of month of processing for us, but it's been hard to flip the 'input' switch to the 'off' position. Some folks have asked us what the difference between our pilgrimage and this month is. I guess I had hoped for some sort of digestion and writing and real processing this month, but perhaps that was a kind of romantic, compartmentalized notion.

Perhaps the pilgrimage doesn't stop when I tell it to...


Kirsty said...

Hey Ryan

Thats cool that you're in the city, I definately wanna come hear ya play, any more news of playing in the Mission?


dazed said...

Dude you need to get a job