Saturday, January 28, 2006

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Chris writes... I remember hearing about this air attack about two weeks ago and was speechless at what the CIA had done. I was not surprised, for I know that the CIA historically does whatever violent thing it wants (or thinks it needs) to steer the course of history. But something was so strange that this event was blatantly public as news stations were covering the random bombing of a building 'believed' to contain an Al Qaeda operative. The story is eerily mirrored in the recent movie Syriana. Just out of nowhere, a building in a village (Damadola) is bombed from the sky by the CIA. Imagine that happening next to your house...They found that the suspect was not in the house, about 13 (8 men and 5 women) people were killed, and three houses bombed. Here is a news story (AP/Yahoo) on the event.

Has anyone found the irony in the US saying that it will not deal with Hamas unless they 'renounce violence'???!!! Hilarious! This statement has been so true during this civilian-killing, terror-inducing 'war on terror': If you have one ship you are a pirate; if you have a whole fleet you are a prestigious navy.


Jon said...

I've also noticed that in all the discusson about the Hamas rise to power, nobody but nobody mentions THE WALL.

Ryan Lee Sharp said...

Wow. I don't even know what this is? The Palestinian/Israeli wall? Or am I totally clueless?

Zachariah said...

may i recommend to gain a vast amount of background information on the wall and the conflict between Palestians and Israelis.

Zachariah said...
and for iraq-

apologize I should have checked it before posting.