Monday, January 02, 2006

Track 1: Like Jesus



This is probably the most honest song I've written to date. It is a vulnerable confession of how hard it is for me to live generously and lovingly. I find myself strung between hope and despair all too often, wondering how to do the most good with my life.

These words also stem from a feeling of failure from various attempts in life...and then coming to grips with those things and helping redeeming them without being cliché.

Sometimes tackling unhealth (socially, spiritually, physically, politically, ecologically, etc.) is so hard that it feels like no matter what you do, it will make no difference. It's maddening how easy it is to wade between beautiful pure idealism and thick base consumerism. Damn.

But alas, there is a hope for the cycles of history. If only our collective memory would incarnate goodness and honesty and generosity and, above all, Love. I think it begins by admitting that we are the problem as much as we are the solution.


Well yesterday seems so far from me now
Gotta close my eyes to see
I swear to God it seems I've been here before
Why'm I back again?

It seems out of fashion to be right
So I guess that I'll be wrong
And wear it like a badge across my chest
Let it bleed from my arm

When everything's for granted
Nothing is for sure
Let's take the Metro south of here
Search for something more
And all that was forgotten
Seems to crawl back into my head
And I'm wonderin' what's ahead

Well Mom, I only wanted to be like Jesus
But it seems that I keep fucking up
And Dad, don't write me off just yet
I think I might be onto something here

And friends, Romans, countrymen
Won't you lend me your ears
This Holy American Empire
Gotta tell you it's crumblin' down
To the ground

'cause everything's for granted
And nothing is for sure
So let's grab a Starbucks baby
And just spend a little more
Forget about the dreams we had
Just work and sleep until we're dead
Are we blind to what's ahead

When memory's for granted
Nothing is for sure
And history goes round and round
As we long for something more
We lie and wait for better days
With hope and fear and joy and dread
Or sheer ambivalance to what's ahead



Jon said...

Wow. Great song. You express all our hearts.

Lora said...

I want to do it differently, but don't know how or what. I know i can't create it on my own, so then what?

Maybe I'll start by turning this comment into a poem. Or not.