Saturday, January 07, 2006


Here is an interview with me and CraigBob in which we discuss a great many things that the album touches, love, politics, life, economics, relationships...and Holly and I do a couple live performances of some of the songs...

Craig is a good friend and if you do not already know about his podcast, it will be worth your time to catch up on the last 24 episodes.



ashdown said...

look at you, breakin into the podcast world...ha!

chris kottre said...

Hi Ryan,

Interesting podcast, man.

I was a little dissapointed though,
I only recently started using the word "organic" and you guys are already making fun of it... I'm losing my edge!

I hope you and holly are doing well!

chris kottre said...

Interesting is hollow?
hmmmm... let me dig deeper...

thought provoking and engaging.

That was actually the first time I've ever listened to an entire podcast. I did, however, forget to mention that I liked hearing a bit of the context driving some of your songs.

I want to see you play them live.