Monday, January 16, 2006

Track 3: Dream



This is the one pure love song on the album...for my beloved. To be able to travel this journey with the one I love has made all the difference, weighted all the decisions, upped the ante.

Every year is a bit of a cycle for us. In Winter we seem to lay dormant, and Spring provides new growth and life. Summer sits slowly sometimes. It seems that the advent of our year is October, in early Autumn, when the leaves are a changin' and our lives follow suit.

Looking back over the last several years, each fall has been a time of transition into the next 'thing' for us, whatever that may be. Large life changes have seemed to hover around the Summer/Fall break.


The cynicism falls from my eyes
As I lie here with you, my love
And this beauty surrounds me
Your beauty surrounds me
Your beauty confounds me
So I drink it all in

Seems it's that time of year again
When dark clouds give way
To brighter passages
And this feeling I notice
This feeling I know it's
The one that I've waited for
All my life, I've waited for you

Now you're here with me
Would you pinch my skin
If this is just a dream
Don't wake me up

All those who came before me
And those who were before you
They all are behind us and memory reminds us
Why we are who we are
Who we are
Love, who we are

Everything within
Leads my heart to you
Words cannot begin
To show you


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