Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Remember 3 Things

On New Year's Eve (my beloved's birthday), I sat at the corner of a table with my sister and my wife, drinking Fat Tire from the tap. Man that beer is so much better from the tap!

We attempted conversation amidst the crowded sonic space. Irish bars are notorious for that I guess. Still, we tried out a liturgy together that Holly and I did last year: Write 3 words that defined 2005 for you and write 3 words that you hope to define 2006 for you.

I remember last years experiment with this, sitting in Heath and Rhianon's living room, squeezed into their new couch set. Friends shared their 3 2004-words and their 3 2005-words. I only vaguely recollect mine...

My words for how I hope 2006 to be are... centered (which I think is a repeat of last year), reconciled, and actualized. I hope all 3 of those define this year.

CENTERED - I tend to operate things in a sort of chaotic, external sort of way sometimes, with the inner-life being neglected. I want to operate out of a very deep core...a developed sense of self and clarity in my vocation.

RECONCILED - 2005 has made me all the more aware of my own need for reconciliation to myself, my past, my family and friends. Most of you have shared in conversations about this very thing. If I want shalom to come into the world, let it begin with reconciliation in my own world.

ACTUALIZED - I an an idea-consumer, deriving energy from concepts and ideals. This year, I hope to place these ideas in real, living contexts. I want my life to be an ongoing experiment with truth, actualizing the things deep within me, discontent to just sit and talk about things.

I aim to remember these 3 things this year. Yes, I do.


Chris Marlow said...

bro, Fat Tire on tap...I'm sooooo jealous...They don't serve Fat Tire in Raleigh; how lame is that? Anyhow, not sure if you know, but we are moving too seattle soon. Peace!

SB said...

Ryan -- If you find yourself looking for some printed inspiration re: centeredness, check out Thomas Kelly. He has been a signpost in my psychic rubble.