Monday, January 24, 2005

Day 1: LAX to Roma

And here begins the chronicles of our trip to Italia in the wintertime. I am doing them in a day-by-day fashion even though the trip is over. This way I can do photos and stuff along the way. Ciao!

So, we left our apartment about 5am or so to head up to Orange County where we would meet Jesse. He kindly took us to the airport at that ungodly hour. Thanks Jesse. On the way to his place, we scanned the radio stations and I heard STAR 98.7 actually say, "home of THE OC". Can you believe that? Wow.

Got to the airport safe and sound, got checked in safe and sound, got on our plane safe and sound and headed out to Roma via Atlanta.

It was a night flight, so we attempted some sleepy-time. Nuh-uh. Kids crying on the trip and the only movie they were playing was "Up a Creek". I mean, seriously... Sleeping pills and wine did nothing for us.

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