Tuesday, January 18, 2005

rome, oh rome, whereforart thou rome?

so, i just tried hijacking my sisters email account to send out a message to all who know us that we are okay. lisa, if you read this can you tell mom and email anyone in hollys fam that you have email for? or have mom pass it on?

with that being said, rome has been... interesting so far. we bought tickets to head to asisi tomorrow. should be a nice break from all the thieves and such here in the big city. luckily, we havent had anything stolen... just hollys bag has a knife gash in it and we have both been felt up more than we care to tell our therapist. we will take a few good memories still...

today was the vatican and the collesium. most of yesterday was jetlag.

after tomorrow, we head to venice. hope that is more chill than rome.

just bought some cheap red wine and crackers-cheese. good evening. buono serah.

ryan and holly


The Shib said...

Bummer about the knife gash. But at least you can say casually "oh that happened in Rome"

Damien said...

so.... I'm a little behind... Did you get a knife pulled on you?