Sunday, January 23, 2005

jesse, i hope you get this...

well, i am here in marco polo airport just north of venice and am sipping on a bellini (an especially venezian drink). jesse, i hope you check my blog today because our flight is delayed into jfk. actually, we might not even be flying into jfk, we might be flying into cincinatti. i will call you as soon as i touch down in the states.

the trip has been wonderful (with the exception of rome which i care to never return to). venice, assisi, florence... amazing.

i will do a day by day with photos once i am back home, but for now... it is a 4 hour delay here in venice with a bunch of hyper-trendy american kids running around. like an abercrombie and fitch ad.

i do hope we arrive tonight into la, but it is possible that we will have to overnight in ny or cincinatti. we shall see. i should know more in the next 12 hours.

cheers? another bellini? i think so.

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jda said...

have another one for me! i'm enjoying the hurricane mix for you! hope to see you soon.