Wednesday, January 05, 2005

From Hugh's Reading

My friend is reading this book, entitled Callings.

From it he quoted:

“Like the Earth, our psyches are closed systems. You can’t, for instance, convince yourself one clearheaded and optimistic day that you no longer feel any fear and that you will sit right down and do Something Important, without expecting that your shadow, unable to stomach the hypocrisy and, in fact, feeling genuine fear, will turn on the television and order out for pizza, or discover some ancient and unfinished project that suddenly seems in immediate need of resurrection, or insist that you couldn’t possibly get a lick of work done with your apartment looking the way it does.”

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Deb said...

I love the quote. But is do not think the Earth is a closed system; and I believe the psyche can be suddenly and astonishingly wiped clean in a nano-instant leaving one bare, exposed, and fearless. The fear creeps back; but before it does...the fearlessness is infinite and apart from other realms of reality.