Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Day 7: Venezia

Best day of the trip. Wow. Got lost again, shopped, took a boat to Murano (where Venetian glass is made). Hey, remeber, these are the guys who came up with the blinds, you know?

Lunch another little local joint. Pasta and minestrone soup. Mmm.

Got more lost, shopped, drinks at a little cafe in a town square as the sun went down.

Alright, some more St. Mark's shots...

And a wonderful old building. Remember, this was a real city like 400 years ago...

Got a day pass for the vaporettos (water transportation). Holly's favorite photo she took...

And a troubling one that I took. There are several sentiments like this around Italy. Remember, it is part of the coolition as well. It is a very divided country with regards to this war.

On this particular boat ride around the back side of Venice, we saw the Alps. Spectacular! Wow.

Dinner was interesting: our last night, we decided to go for a nice dinner. Looked for one restaraunt: it was closed. Another: it was booked full up. So, the third option. Couldn't totally read the menu, but it looked nice.

Went in, ordered from a sort of put-off waitress. Again, I couldn't totally understand the menu.

Out came out some more of that sparkling wine! Aye! I do not understand carbonation and wine together. No! Basta!

But then, the main course: Spaghetti, in black sauce, with OCTOPUS! Aye! What the hell was I thinking? I guess I didn't read the menu properly. I couldn't eat it. So Holly ate it for me. Blessings!

Came home after dinner and packed and slept. Wonderful day. Wonderful day.

Tomorrow will be the worst day of the trip. Stay tuned.

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