Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Day 4: Assisi

Well, I again slept from 7.30pm till 3.30am. Holly went to sleep a bit later, but woke up at the same time. Ah!

Got to the train station around 6.30am for our 6.55am train (we thought). Turns out we wanted the 6.47am train... and we found that out at about 6.44, so we had to book it to our proper train. Once on though, we were relaxed. Leaving Rome felt nice... training across the hill country of central Italy was beautiful.

We arrived just about 2.5 hours later...

We hopped on a bus in the rain that took us to the top of the old city. This is a beautiful fortified walled city. Hopped off the bus and began hiking 'round the town.

Finally found a place to get a caffe latte... remember that it was like high 30s outside...

We made our way through a neighborhood to this old Roman bath. There is a small neighborhood that has been built around these baths. Can you imagine living just up the street from ruins?

Here is an old pagan temple converted into a church.

A view from the city out onto the hill country.

Here is the sky near the St. Francis Basilica.

A funny note: Francis was buried on the 'hill of the damned' because of who he stood with, but the church later renamed the hill, the 'hill of paradise'. Huh.

Ate at a little wine bar for lunch as we listened to The Killers' album being played over the airwaves. I guess the bartender had a taste for American pop-rock-stuff.

Kept seeing this little FIAT 500 that Holly fell in love with. They have such cute cars out there! None of this SUV craze out there.

We headed back to Rome after the shops closed in the afternoon. Grabbed our first 'real' meal. Nice. At a trattoria (traditional food).

All in all a good day... one that restored our hope in travelling in Europe!

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Danae said...

thank you... for sharing you guys' trip with us (thus far). i have thoroughly enjoyed reading and seeing the pictures!