Sunday, January 16, 2005

Final Note

A couple days ago, the news reported that a marine vessle that was heading for Iraq cancelled its mission and headed to the Indian Ocean for relief work. The news said, "a mission of hate was turned into a mission of hope." I liked that. It gave me good feelings about our military.

But I was having dinner with a marine friend last night who said that sure it sounded good, but most marines would be pissed since they have spent months prior psyching themselves up to kill and kick down doors.

Interesting, but... interesting.

I found this article that also gives me hope. It gives me hope that those who are told never to speak up are speaking up. That there are those within the military speaking out against this war.

Anyways, here it is.

IPS NEWS: Generally, COs possess a sincere conviction that forbids them from taking part in organised killing. This objection may apply to all or to only particular aspects of war.

Only a small percentage of people who apply receive a CO discharge. But military statistics lag about one year behind, and the decisions on CO applications take on average six months to one year - sometimes as long as two years - so the exact number of COs in the present war will not be known for some time.

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