Monday, January 03, 2005

New Year's Hopes...

So, no New Year's Resolutions as I'd promised...

But I do have some New Year's Hopes/Dreams and perhaps even Predictions:

• Holly and I will finally get married and stop living in sin. Just kidding.
• I am going underground identity-wise I think. Even more than this last year. Time to lay some titles down.
• This shall be a year of risk for me and Holly. I felt that last year was a little too safe for me on many levels: giving, flow of life, experiences, staying in one place, not progressing our business(es). This year, it is time to risk: give more, live outside my areas of comfort, try to create a sustainable business that can be managed without us (or remotely) so that we do not need to worry about income. We are trying to get a soy-based candle and soap business going. We shall see.
• This is the year of travelling internationally. Italy is this month. Hopefully Bangkok and Phuket in February. Perhaps Palestine in the summer.
• The year of extended friendships. Seems like I need to really keep up some old-new friendships with those who do not live geographically near me.
• This is the year of healthy eating and drinking: I am going to try a year without soda. Already been without it for most of the last couple months. But not with nazi-like legalism. I want to lose a taste for soda, not just deprive myself of it.
• I want to record a new record and play live.
• I want to visit other faith communites that inspire me.

Okay, that's enough for now. If you see me, ask me how any of these things are going. Cheers.

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