Thursday, January 06, 2005

Post-Social Darwinian

I have been listening to the Bruggemann mp3s from the Annual Theological Conversation hosted by Emergent. He was discussing (in conversation with others) the notions of the imagination and how that plays into our understandings of reality and, in turn, God.

Good mp3s. Will help your mind/understanding stretch.

Anyway, he was talking about an observation he sees in nature that he hates: Survival of the Fittest. The big ones eat the little ones. And he said that he hated this. He wished it wasn't so. But in this world where we live and breath, there is a desire in people/things/animals/what-have-you to acquire power and sit at the top.

And it made me think, "When will we evolve beyond survival of the fittest mentality?" I mean, wasn't this the great inversion that Christ spoke of? That the last would be first? The meek inheriting the earth? (How ridiculous is that?) The peacemakers being called 'blessed'?

I read Jesus' words as a sort of emphatic, "Evolve already dammit!".

I was listening to an NPR interview with this Jewish guy who said that he believes that the problem of evil stems from our evolution process. Evil came as man sought to beat out the other species. And again, it pained this guy to say it, but he had to confess that in reality these things happen.

So, me being a person who believes that we create our reality, finds this a bit too fatalistic. Are we really bound to Darwinian ethics either in our social or natural contexts? I mean really, can't we move beyond this survivalistic, me-first and mine-only mentality?

I mean, can we? Can I?

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