Sunday, January 30, 2005

Remembering the Dixie Chicks

Well, you may or may not love 'em, but you gotta give them props for having (excuse me) the balls to say what they said 3 years ago while on tour in Europe. The Dixie Chicks' frontwoman, Natalie Maines made a comment at one of her concerts that got their albums pulled from shelves, songs pulled off the air, and careers temporarily jeopardized.

The were some of the first to formally disagree with the war... and they were a country group!

Such confusion ensued as to how some down-home girls from Texas could disagree and be 'ashamed' of our president. People called them un-American, un-patriotic...

I remember having a discussion with my brother and his wife just after this happened. We were playing mini-golf at a little place in the Dallas area. While they support the notion of 'freedom of speech', they agreed with much of the American sentiment that once we went to war, it was time to stand behind the president... who after all, was elected by the people. And that's fair, you know? Of course fair for them to have their own opinion, but also fair to hope that once a direction was set, that it would be more helpful for the country to support it instead of wavering.

Skip ahead these 3 years or so and I am on a plane headed to Atlanta, and I look over someone's shoulder to read the headline of the newspaper in his hands. It says, "Administration feels that time for accountability is over; Time to move forward."

I felt sick to my stomach. And then I remember why I appreciated that blonde country singer from Texas saying that she disagreed with this war and was ashamed of our president: Because it is so very American and patriotic to hold our leaders accountable, to do our time to make this country what we want it to be, to stop sitting by the sidelines and go out there and help people think!

And we have an administration currently that does not want to look back and take stock; they only want to run ahead enforcing freedom by martial law. Wow.

The notion that being patriotic and pro-American means blindly (or even not-so-blindly) following W is sad to me. I feel sadness in the number of Christians who I have seen adamately support this war and this presidents decisions. Those who can not see the empire and crusade language in all this mess are blinded by something I do not have.

So, props to you Natalie Maines! Even though most of America hated you, I stand by your decision to comment on the war. Cheers to you!


Jeffrey said...

Comment on the war... fine
Disagree... more power to you
Say that Bush is not your president... flat out lie.

I think it's rediculous to say that he is not your president.. like it or not, he is. That's like saying Hitler wasn't the ruler of Germany, yes, yes he was. I mean, I think it was lame how people boycot and boo them, but, remember, that too is their perogative.

I don't know Ryan, I agree in a sense that she had points, but I cannot stand behind the statement. He may not control you, but he IS your president.

Ryan Lee Sharp said...

Always the Republican rallier, ey Jeff? Just kidding!

I think when we make statements like, "George W is not my president" we are not actually saying that he is "not the president of the nation to which I belong." Of course he is.

It is more of a play on words that he is not my endorsed president.

You are correct, he is the president of the US, and I am a citizen of the US. Is this what you are wanting to have me agree with you on?

BTW, your album is sounding fricking amazing... and we performed You Don't Even Know the other night as Clover. Dig.

Courtney O. said...

George Bush may very well be my president, but Natalie Maines is my hero...

Jesse said...

hey, so this is the jeffery whose album i've played drums for...nice to meet you...unfortunately, i've asked ryan to erase my drum tracks, cause you're not my singer of my band...

(pause for laughter)

just kidding...

i think ryan's correct in his interpretation of Natalie Maines statement of "he's not my president"...if you didn't vote for him, don't agree with him, and don't like him, then he doesn't represent you and your beliefs...he's not the president you'd have wished for...let me paraphrase Rummy, "you live in the country under the president you're given, not the one you want"...good ole rummy, knew he was useful for something....

ordinary_nobody_dreamer said...


You cannot be serious? Quoting you, “you gotta give them props for having (excuse me) the balls to say what they said 3 years ago while on tour in Europe.”

I am assuming you are referring to the March 10, 2003, comment made by Natalie Maines in which she told a London concert audience: “Just so you know, we’re ashamed the President of the United States is from Texas.”

You actually believe making the above comment to a London concert audience that was primarily anti-war and anti-American was courageous?

You actually believe it was courageous when Maines told a New Zealand TV reporter that her comment was a joke? Quoting Maines, “It was a joke and it wasn’t planned. And it was really funny at the time. It got lots of cheers, and that’s what it was meant for. You see the trouble that you can get into if you speak religion or politics. It gets people very upset.”

Did you also believe it was courageous for Natalie Maines to issue a disingenuous apology to the President based on fear of plummeting CD sales and listeners threatening to boycott radio stations that played the Dixie Chicks?

By no means am I advocating not holding leaders accountable or that being patriotic and pro-American means blindly following the President. I just don’t think I gotta give the Dixie Chicks props. I give the American consumer props for making the Dixie Chicks pay for their ill-considered remarks in a time where personal responsibility is non-existent and the concept of freedom of speech is defined as freedom from criticism.
So I say, Cheers to the American consumer!

Jesse said...

"I give the American consumer props for making the Dixie Chicks pay for their ill-considered remarks in a time where personal responsibility is non-existent and the concept of freedom of speech is defined as freedom from criticism."

it seems that our president fills that bill perfectly

choose the correct answer from the parenthesis: The (dixie chicks; bush) aren't my (country band; president)

multiple choice fun!

ordinary_nobody_dreamer said...


I have to take my hat off to you, that was pretty, damn funny. It made me laugh. I was disappointed to see you didn’t respond to my comments on the blog, I do not even know how to feel... posted on Thursday, January 27, 2005. When you get a chance, crack open a virtual beer and check it out. I am curious, what you thought of it.