Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Day 25: Kentucky to Ohio (Columbus, that is)

We packed up the car (again, in the rain) and left for Columbus to meet friends of friends. Jason and Brooke Evans set up this connection for, of course, it was enchanted.

We arrived into town and headed for a hidden café downtown called the Benevolence Café. Pax tried his first "kid's plate" that we have ever bought him. That is, this is the first time we have bought him something off a menu at a restaurant. Non-chicken sticks. They were breaded tofu. He also loved Holly's minestrone soup and all the homemade breads.

We played a house show along with Blake Skidmore. We also learned a great deal about the Landing Place community (of which we were a part of tonight).

It was a meaningful night of conversation and connection for a great many of us.

Also, Paula Boehm drove a whopping 2 hours so that we could catch up and see each other face to face. That was really cool.

We pray and hope that this rain will head southwest to Southern California and southeast to North Carolina.

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Jessica said...

yes, please. send us some rain!