Monday, October 22, 2007

Day 23: Louisville (pronounced Loo-uh-vull), KY

It poured rain on us for most of the afternoon. Beautiful green hills made greener.

After driving for 3 hours, searching for 4 Washington Mutuals, we finally gave up and arrived into Louisville from Lexington (what should have been about an hour drive).

We now sit in a hip coffee shop in the neighborhood near Dan's house. Dan rents a house about three times the size of our old one...for about 1/6 the rent. Wow.

Some photos from the last several performances...

Dan has joined us for the last 3 shows...and the songs have felt more alive and full. He's also played a couple songs from his newest record, MY WORK IS LOVING THE WORLD.

Adam continues to woo audiences across the world with his provocative poetry.

We played a few times in Minneapolis. This shot (and the one below) are from a room where the projector was far enough back that it covered the whole wall and ceiling. Pretty amazing visually.

Most everything continues to move well. Pax has been in a sort of sour mood for about 4-5 days now. I don't know if it's the road or teething or what. Doesn't seem to matter if we're in the car or not...he's just that way sometimes...even when we were back home.

We continue to be grateful for the connections we make along the way, the friendships we get to nourish (little by little), and a trip that few will get to experience.

We wonder aloud about doing another full year on the road at some point...probably when he's a bit older. Travel full time at a much less rapid pace...perhaps even get a small RV again. We'll see.

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JennO said...

Rain, can you ask the rain gods to come over dear socal? We need it. 90 in fall and fires no bueno. Good to hear of where you both have been and where you are going. Gosh i miss you both not seeing you in SantaFe, but know that we are with you in spirit.