Friday, October 19, 2007

Day 20: To Indy

Oh my God. That might have been the worst night of sleep this whole trip. Our air mattress pump is dead, so we slept on the floor...or at least laid there. Pax hardly slept. We are fried and at a coffee shop early...too early. Oh my God.

On a happier note, last night was really fun. Daniel Dixon joined us (and stays joined to us for a couple more days) and Adam is still with us (also for a few more days). So that made it special. And there was just a good energy.

I'll get some photos up sometime soon...soon we'll leave this coffee shop, pack the car, and head on south (around Chicago) to Indianapolis.


Makeesha said...

ugh, I'm sorry. Unfortunately, traveling or not, nights like that are part and parcel of parenting...but knowing that doesn't make the next morning any easier.

glad your shows are going well though :)

aurora bender said...

wish i was there. dan and adam and the sharps. it sounds great.

Lora said...

miss you all...big hugs to each, including daniel!