Saturday, October 20, 2007

Day 21: Indianapolis to Lexington, KY (via Louisville for lunch)

We made it to Lexington.

[Big sigh.]

We're all so beat. Bad sleep and whatnot. Tonight we are just going to watch the latest Office and drop dead on our beds. We're here for a few days in KY.

Man, I have seen some crazy billboards these last few days. The truth is stranger than fiction.

HEAVEN // HELL // You decide.



Wow. Yes, those are real and not embellished at all. Wow.

Last night was fun in Indy. Sarah and Ryan Notton (as well as several other locals) showed us a good time around town, hosted us for (what I felt was) our best performance yet. There was a tightness to the evening...a good tight. We we're all "on". Stayed up a little too late and woke a little too early.

This morning, Joel Vestal (Emma, can you believe that we finally met in person?) cooked us breakfast and we chatted. It was nice to meet after having chatted over the phone and internet for 3 or so years.

There is a great underground network of subversives...people living off-the-grid so to speak...but doing life engaged with the world. Much inspiration along the way.

Holly posted some great pics of Pax from Minneapolis (link here). I'll plan on getting some other pics/videos up soon here. Stay tuned.

For now, The Office, dinner, and sleep. Night, night.

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Anonymous said...

"Peace through military strength"... does anyone actually believe that?! It makes me sad. Enjoy the office!