Sunday, October 28, 2007

Day 29: Syracuse, NY

We made it back into the States. We laughed at how easy it was to get "back in"...we were anticipating an interrogation room with harsh lighting.

"Where were you when your supposed son was born?" a shadowy man would ask.

It was a fun drive across the falls. It was beautiful, cold, and wonderful. Pax loved seeing the rushing water.

We got on the road late this morning and headed into Syracuse. Arrived around lunchtime, so we got some Northern Mexican food. It was actually quite yummy. Took naps (since Pax didn't sleep too well last night).

Tonight we played at Syracuse University. It was a warm group to be with on this chilly night. Word on the street is that we might have snow tonight. It was in the 30s for part of our drive today. Now Pax is asleep and we're getting ready for dinner with Jennifer and Harrison (and Chase).

Photos and laundry someday soon.

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Waltons said...

We speak of you three and offer prayers for you often. Thanks for the updates...we love them here in SacTown! Let's make it a point to share stories when you return.