Thursday, October 18, 2007

Day 19: Leaving Minneapolis for Milwaukee

Man, oh man. What a beautiful drive. From St. Paul almost all the way to Lake Michigan, we experienced the fall colors we had been looking for. Deep, rich maroons. Vibrant golds. Translucent greens. Dark trunks with glowing leaves. The muted sky made for great contrast.

The drive was fine. Adam chilled with Pax in the backseat...and for the most part, it all went well. He did cry (Pax, not Adam) for about 20 minutes after lunch. Correction: He screamed for 20 minutes. It was really loud...really.

But other than that it was great. We stopped by the Wisconsin Dells along the way (as recommended by Healthy Highways) to check out the Cheese Factory (or something that) where we had wonderful food. All local and yummified. Paxton even tried some of my beer-cheese soup. He loved it.

Yesterday, Shelley took us to a great Indian place in Minneapolis and he tried some curry there. He loved/hated it. He kept asking for more and more, but every time he was surprised how hot it was and let out a yelp. Funny little man.

Tonight we play for some folks in Milwaukee. Should be fun.

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