Saturday, October 27, 2007

Day 28: Canada, ey

We're in St. Catharine, on the shore of Lake Ontario. It was an interesting entrance into Canada earlier today. We had to step inside of immigration to prove that Paxton actually belonged to us. We had no paperwork (like a birth certificate or passport), so we had to do a song and dance to help them see he is my son. That was troubling...but we passed.

We've arrived at our destination for the night...on our way between Ann Arbor, Michigan and Syracuse, New York. It was a lovely drive...for the most part.

We thought we'd treat ourselves to a steak dinner (I'm about to leave to pick it up), a bottle of Sierra-made Zinfandel wine, and the latest episode of The Office. It should be a nice, quiet evening.

Holly and I both have a throat thing going on. I guess you just pick these things up while on the road.

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