Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Day 11: Austin, TX (by way of Waco)

We left Dallas with Mark and headed south toward the Oak Grove Abbey. The trip was nice. Pax slept for about an hour or so on the front end...and we ended up in Waco for lunch. We asked the GPS what BBQ places she recommended and we followed directions...we ended up here. It was very super top yummy. Mmm.

Pax even had his first go at BBQ. Mmm.

We dawdled around Waco, passing in and out of the Dr. Pepper Museum. We hopped back in the car and left to Austin.

It was warm, but cooler and slightly less humid than Dallas. The Oak Grove Abbey is very warm and homey and it was nice to see old friends like Greg, Jolie, Sean, Melissa, Chris, Stephen (and others) and to make some new friends like Dave, Michael, Ryan (and others).

There was good energy to the evening. It felt like we were back in the saddle again.

Following something of a similar path as 2 years ago, I am reminded of our questions then about intentional community, deliberate living, subverting the empire. I live in a new context of parenthood with 2 years more experience than then, but I still have similar questions about how we are formed, how we live well in our world, how do we exchange ideas and creative energy, etc.

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